Imlie Written update 9th September 2023 : Imlie Reaches Choti Imlie
Imlie Written update 9th September 2023 : Imlie Reaches Choti Imlie

Imlie Written update 9th September 2023 : Imlie Reaches Choti Imlie

Imlie Written update 9th September 2023 : Imlie Reaches Choti Imlie

Imlie written Update 9th September 2023 , Imlie Written Update on

The NGO manager Manjantha gives the family’s address to Atharva. Shivani says let’s go there. The manager says that Manjantha said she was staying at his farmhouse, but he did not have the address of her farmhouse. Atharv is shocked and asks what. Devika says we will go there and get the farmhouse address. Imlie cries where will she find her child. Gary tells him not to worry because the bad guys tried to take the girl away from them, they always had her and will have her today. Atharv wipes Imli’s tears and hugs her. Rudra tells Imlie that God tests who can handle it. Devika says little Imlie/CI will overcome all obstacles and reach her soon.Imlie written update

Imlie remembers seeing Manchanda’s car in which she was dropped at the NGO. She tells Athar that Manchantha brought the baby in this car. She called the driver and explained the whole story. The driver refused to give the address of his farmhouse for fear of losing his job. Rudra recognizes him and asks how Vivek Manchanda is. The driver said he was fine and left. Imlie asks Rudra if he knows Manchanda and takes him to her farmhouse. Rudra says that Vivek Manchantha is Delhi’s biggest diamond dealer and his biggest business rival. Manish and Akash say that entire Delhi knows about their rivalry. Atharva says Vivek’s son Ajay has no child. Imlie says whoever they are, she wants her baby back. Atharv says he is with her.imlie written update,

Rana steals Manjanda’s car and reaches Manjanda’s farmhouse. Devika encourages Imlie to calmly go inside and retrieve her baby. Anu thinks she is here to foil Imli’s plan who is already there. Shivani also encourages Imlie. Imlie quietly enters the house and hides when she hears someone coming. She hears the child’s cry and tries to walk towards it. Ajay and Pooja try to pacify CI. The servant stops Imli and asks who she is. Imlie asks her to leave saying that she is the child’s new personality. The servant says madam didn’t tell him about the new servant. Imlie says she is getting late and requests him to release her. He agrees. She runs upstairs. Ajay says Baby is missing his baby. Pooja says that she will be his mother from now on and will bring milk for the baby. He goes to talk to the doctor. Imlie reaches CI and calms him down.Imlie written update

Pooja prepares milk for the baby and sees that the baby is calm. Both moved towards the child. Anu calls Ajay and tells him that Imlie has come to take her baby and she can stop her if she can. He and Pooja come running and ask Imli what is happening. Imli apologizes to them for coming there by stealing their car and says that the girl is her daughter. Ajay makes Pooja sit Imlie and goes out. He calls the commissioner there. After informing Vivek, Rana also enters. Pooja says that they have legally adopted the child and cannot return it to Imlie. Imlie says she gave birth to her child. The commissioner says he will arrest Imli for trespassing in Manjanda’s farmhouse and taking their child. Atharv says the child is his daughter. The commissioner may file a case and till then the child will stay with Manjanta and Imlie will stay in jail. The constable arrests Imlie and takes him away.Imlie written update

Precap: Young Imlie works as a singer in a bar. An arrogant businessman enters a bar with his friends and gives money. Imlie refused. He asks her name. She says Imlie.


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