Meet Serial 6th September 2023 | Meet Written Episode Update : Raj proposes to Priyanka

Sep 6th 2023 Meet Written Episode Update

Meet Serial 6th September 2023 | Meet Written Episode Update : Raj proposes to Priyanka

Meet SerialĀ  6th September 2023 Written Update on

Doctor in Sumeeth, Ashok, Poonam and Shlok’s room. The doctor informs everyone that Shlok is very traumatized and should not face any further trauma. Ashok asks Rajeev to bring medicine. Poonam is worried and tells Sumeeth that Shlok can’t handle the news of Anand’s death and can’t hear a word against him.

Sumeet and Poonam with Shlok in his room. Shagun enters and pretends to sympathize with Shlok and asks Poonat what happened, hearing someone say something sarcastically about her father, is he okay now? Sumit sees her action and asks why did you come here? Shagun taunts Sumeet about one of their players being sick and says that if Sumeet can’t participate then he will win so Sumeet has to get Shlok back on his feet.

Sumeet looks for Shlok, she sees him near Poonam’s cupboard and asks what he is doing. Shlok shows her a white saree and asks about its significance. Sumeet gently explained to her that it was a sign that Anand was no longer with them. Shlok goes berserk and cuts the saree with scissors and then stabs himself. Sumeet wakes up realizing it was just a bad dream. She hugs Shlok and asks if he is fine, she is relieved that he is fine but worries how he will handle the truth about Anand’s death. Shlok asks Sumit if he wants to know something, but he doesn’t get a chance. Sumit changed the course of the conversation by flirting with her. Shlok plays along, they hug and Sumeet is determined to save her from the truth. Sumeet applies ointment and Shagun thinks I can’t bother Shlok, I have to find a way to stop Shagun.Meet Written Episode Update

Priyanka goes to a cobbler to get her shoes fixed and Raj is there too. She steps on a piece of glass and Raj helps her remove it. Priyanka gets angry and asks why he is following her. Raj surprises her with a red rose and admits that he is attracted by her good nature and character. He assures her that he will not force his feelings on her and gives her time to make up her mind. However, Priyanka later confronts Raj again and rejects his advances, branding him selfish, as if her mother had left them without looking back to see how they coped.

Shagun video calls Poonam and teases her about not being invited to Janmashtami. She tells Shlok that she has a gift and shows Anand a tribute poster. Poonam is shocked and drops the Krishna idol she was holding but Sumeet catches it.

Worried about Shlok, Poonam and Sumeeth plan to rescue him. Priyanka is working with her beauty salon team at Raj’s house when she is molested by a customer’s husband, Amit. When he is caught, he blames Priyanka instead. Masum tries to save her but Raj intervenes in time and catches Priyanka.Meet Written Episode Update Raj says he trusts Priyanka but Amit is his family friend so he trusts her more. He insisted that Priyanka should apologize to Amit before leaving.

Sumeet and Ashok console Poonam and try to show their support. Shloka arrives and Ashok immediately gives a reason for his plan. Shlok expresses his desire for Anand to come back, otherwise he worries that he will get hurt. Shagun comes with Raunak and wants to reveal the truth about Shlok’s father’s death.

Sep 6th 2023 Meet Written Episode Update
Sep 6th 2023 Meet Written episode Update

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