September 5, 2023 Meet Written Update: Shlok doesn’t know the truth about his father.

Sep 6th 2023 Meet Written Episode Update

September 5, 2023 Meet Written Update: Shlok doesn’t know the truth about his father.

September 5, 2023 Meet Written Update on

A drunk Ashok tries to teach everyone how to build a human pyramid. Ashok tries to show them but falls. Rajeev gets angry and complains that Ashok couldn’t help them practice when he was drunk. Ashok asks everyone to practice on the ground tomorrow and they leave. Poonam scolds Rajiv for his behavior. Rajiv says it is training time, Tauji is not in state. Ashok says Rajiv is right and leaves. Shlok advises her father Anand to help her as it is time for her to come back after facing problems alone for a long time. Poonam is afraid of the consequences. Agreeing that the time has come to call Anand, Dadi tells Shlok to do so. Poonam drops the tea cup in fear. Sumeet asks Poonam if everything is fine. Shlok picked up the phone and called Anand. Poonam tries to stop him, but he insists that Anand has already received the call.
Ashok plays Shlok’s father on call and advises him to take training from a professional as he has many responsibilities. Sumeeth wonders why Poonam is so worried about Shlok talking to her father.It’s Meet Written Update

Shlok has been asking his “daddy” to come home for three years and if he still doesn’t come, will break up with him. Ashok pretends to be emotional and agrees to try to come home. Shlok is happy that finally his father will come and he will succeed in the task.
Ashok feels guilty for giving Shlok false hope. Poonam meets him and says that one who is not in this world cannot come back. She tearfully says that she hid the truth about her father’s death for Shlok’s benefit. They are startled to hear some noise and see Sumit asking something. Sumeet gets emotional after hearing their conversation.

Priyanka goes to Raj’s room and takes the card that Banguri sent him. She takes the card but hides it when Raj unexpectedly enters the room. Seeing her veil hanging near the gate, Raj mistakes it for a thief. He pulls the veil and makes Priyanka fall into his arms. They share an intense moment and Priyanka lies that the card is Vaani’s. Raj laughs and teases her.

Poonam tells Sumeeth about the incident regarding Anand’s death and why she kept it a secret. She says that Anand promised her that he will not reveal the truth to Shlok as he lost his temper when he saw Anand in critical condition. Poonam reveals that Anand died on Janmashtami day. Ashok and Poonam admit to lying to the family, with Ashok sending letters and making phone calls pretending to be his brother Anand to hide the truth.

Shlok wears his father’s t-shirt and recalls a childhood incident where his father broke a pot for him. Sumeet asks if Shagun knows the truth. Shagun tells Raunak that he is planning to reveal the truth to upset Shlok and worsen his mood. Shagun’s hired thugs try to lure Shlok by using his father’s name. Shlok loses patience and starts fighting with them and eventually faints. Sumeet and Poonam run towards Shlok.

Sep 5th 2023 Meet Written Update
Sep 5th 2023 Meet Written Update

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